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A leading digital marketer and strategist, who has developed, led and implemented digital campaigns and strategies at American Express, including Small Business Saturday. She is an innovative thinker in various marketing segments (e.g. digital marketing, brand and product marketing, acquisition marketing, social media marketing, and more).

In her spare time, she has created unique content and experiences through her two startups: Whiskey Me Up® and The Company. Whiskey Me Up is a new way to discover whiskey. is a platform to showcase the latest tech and people impacting traditional industries.

She also speaks at marketing conferences and events.



Whiskey Me Up is a trademarked online discovery engine for people to find the whisk(e)ys fit for their Whiskey Persona™—the cooler, swankier and sexier version of themselves.
LEARN MORE is an events platform that showcases the latest tech and people changing traditional industries like music, fashion, education and more.
Marketing 101, marketing case studies and more


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